Teamwork needs to be built on a solid framework

By Christian Bartsch

When you build a business or are working on a complex project you do need a team. No person can be proficient in all aspects of a business. No person can do 50 tasks at the same time. It just does not lead to fast and powerful success.

Markets turn fast and are relentless when it comes to slow movers. Globalization punishes those who keep discussing and not implementing their projects accordingly to the market needs.

Speed of implementation is a difficult challenge for those who are used to the corporate or governmental way of conducting decisions. In the SME global world there is no time to keep discussing a opportunity for months. Evaluate an opportunity, check its potential, make a decision and start implementing. Then put it out into the world.

American market leaders have shown how they are able to overtake high quality but slow movers in other countries. They are attracting massive additional funds because of their speed. That makes them attractive in the eye of an investor.

In order to gain speed you have to carefully select who you want to have in your team. It is not important where the person lives, neither their gender nor colour. It is important how the person’s mindset and drive contributes to the project. If you have people who can’t be bothered to do their work, who are only there when they urgently need cash otherwise stay absent then they will not boost your project. You need people who have knowledge, skills, and a positive mindset to contribute.

The more a business turns its activities into a modern infrastructure things speed up. At the same time people need to communicate with each other. Leaders have to delegate but still keep everybody together. You have to celebrate an individual’s achievements in order to make them feel that they are important to the team. At the same time you have to be clear in your way of communicating your expectations. You cannot mess up things so that it leads to a frustration for individual team members.

Therefore it is helpful to look at the tools that can help you assemble a powerful team. One of those is the wealth profile analysis. This helps identify the characteristics of a person. There are 8 different profiles (e.g. Star, Mechanic, Deal maker, Creator, Lord, … ).

Of course you can focus on gaining only A-players for your team, nevertheless, you need people that complement each other based on their personality. You always will need a star that can present your product in the best light. The dealmaker makes it possible to negotiate a great outcome, but also the mechanic ensures that the systems are working like clockworks. The lord pushes the team to be their best and innovate. The creator looks to build new opportunities that are beyond the general thinking. Thereby making this better and more up to date.

This is why speed of implementation needs to have people who are wildly passionate about what their part is in that project. Business success is based on satisfying clients before the competition can start communicating with them. Sell to clients before they can even consider an alternative product.

If you are not sure, then get a coach. That’s what works for many entrepreneurs. It is well invested time and money.

Christian Bartsch
Serial entrepreneur
Business automation and online marketing coach