Why are deep fakes a threat to democracy?

By Christian Bartsch

Ahead of any election the political forces inside that country try to get the general public to follow their argumentation. This is not the only kind of influence that is happening in the minds of voters. With the massive influence of social media and online news people are subjected to a faster kind of information flow. This information tends to include deep fakes.  This is where governments outside that nation see an opportunity to get their desired candidates to take power over that nation. What used to happen in banana republics and during the cold war has now transitioned to a voting war inside the leading power houses. These outside sources try to spread misinformation by posting in social media deep fakes. Deep fakes are a threat to democracy.

Make your projects in Finland and Sweden a success

By Christian Bartsch

Doing business abroad can be challenging when you need to find accommodation for your engineers and workers. If you are not familiar with the laws, customs and real estate market, you can lose a lot of money when booking accommodations. Companies in the engineering and construction field often look for attractive tenders in Finland and Sweden. When a business in Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and other East European country has secured weeks or months of project assignments then the logistics manager has to quickly find flights and affordable accommodation.

The Piper M600 – Aero Friedrichshafen 2019 Report

By Christian Bartsch

The single-engine Piper M600 was exhibited at the German exhibition AERO Friedrichshafen.  The team of the Business Booster Today Magazine had the pleasure to get to explore the beautiful design and interior during this exhibition.

The M600 is more of what you want in luxury, performance and value. Aircraft operators call the Piper M600 the best value in its class. Piper designed the M600 for owners who want extra range and speed without the inflated cost. The wing is at the heart of the Piper M600 providing slick aerodynamics that help you go farther, faster without leaving anything or anyone behind.

The Value of Privacy is what the Security Forces defend – Liberty

By Christian Bartsch

As daily business commences, deals and agreements may fail to survive for ever. In some situations anger and confrontation may lead to false accusations, defamation and damage to a brand. In some cases desperate people will turn to attack the personal reputation or family of an entrepreneur.

The greater the threat a desperate person perceives to be pushing him or her against a wall, the greater the person will seek to fight.


By Christian Bartsch

THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS ON THE ROADS OF THE WORLD The new BMW 6 Series offers a luxurious opportunity to travel in elegance while combining it with a conservative touch of sportiveness. Even though some believe the future of cars is in electric cars this does not mean that other types of power technology has…


By Christian Bartsch

THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS ON THE SKIES OF THE WORLD The new Cessna Citation Hemisphere offers frequent inter continent travelers a great flight experience. Cessna has opened up a new level of quality in the business class jets world. As you settle into seats designed for maximum comfort, over-sized windows let natural light fill the…