About Us

About The Business Booster Today Magazine

The “Business Booster Today” magazine is a unique publication created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We want to empower people to take their own business to the next level.

Many of our authors once started their business and navigated the storms of entrepreneurial life. After having been coached by some of the best coaches in the world many of us desire to take our business to the next level. Nevertheless, the awareness that success in life is not chasing the money but planting the seeds that will leave a legacy in this world is of greater meaning.

Our editorial team comprises of successful entrepreneurs who contribute their experience from media, marketing, branding and other specialized fields. We have an excellent photographer with his film crew who can provide additional services for those who want their features to be accompanied by highly professional photos and videos.

Professional photos require professional styling. Therefore our VIP stylist Aldrin-David is flown in to transform our branding clients so that they express their best. Together with his business partners and academy he helps us get our clients ready for excellent photo and film shooting.

Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch and her husband Christian Bartsch assembled this awesome team of entrepreneurs to create a magazine that would reach a unique goal:

We want to reach 20 million people in the world to empower them to take their business to the next level.