Counos Platform

By Counos Team

The financial demands and requirements of people all over the world change and evolve as time goes by. As such, in the recent technological era, with the advent of Blockchain and more specifically its applications, i.e. digital currencies, smart contracts, etc., the financial needs of the world have also become more complex. The need for a one-stop, comprehensive platform offering a wide range of financial services is one that must have been answered. Counos Platform came to fore to answer this very call.

Part 6: Blockchain-Technology – Application areas of Blockchain today

By Yasemin Yazan

In my last article, I had addressed Blockchain-Technology in order you to better understand and classify the technical developments in the context of digitization and digitalization. Next step is to present some examples from various areas in this article to sensitize you to application areas of Blockchain-Technology nowadays. Get the answers to blockchain technology With…

To liquidity and beyond!

By Jan Erik Horgen

It was a few minutes before 8 a.m. on one of those grey September mornings in Philadelphia, and the very ordinary looking classroom at the prestigious Wharton School of Business was already filled to the brim with students. The classroom was buzzing with excitement as one of the hardest finance courses in the curriculum was…

When copycats take advantage of innovators and society

By Christian Bartsch

When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook he was a student. He had his vision for which he fought. Soon he got others to join in his quest. At a point, greed and ego started endangering the project. It took many years until the world took notice of this global vision. Nevertheless, copycats accompany a competitive world.…