The Rise of Online Learning During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Panos Siozos

Clearly, the economy took the biggest hit from COVID-19’s turmoil, which has turned the world upside down. This had a direct consequence on business and education. Schools, educational institutions, training organizations, and businesses from various industries had to shut down for some time and were forced to come up with a smarter way to operate.

A rising opportunity, however, has emerged from this crisis. COVID-19 has brought many pre-existing trends to the surface, enabling online learning to show its full potential.

How to Focus Your Mind, Based on Who You Are

By Sheryl Puterman

First of all, you might need a change of focus. I am not telling you how you need to focus better in a way that works for me. Therefore I’m going to show you ways you can figure out how to improve the focus that works for you. How your mind and body work is unique. We’re all different Therefore, our solutions have to be tailor-made specifically for us.

Make your projects in Finland and Sweden a success

By Christian Bartsch

Doing business abroad can be challenging when you need to find accommodation for your engineers and workers. If you are not familiar with the laws, customs and real estate market, you can lose a lot of money when booking accommodations. Companies in the engineering and construction field often look for attractive tenders in Finland and Sweden. When a business in Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and other East European country has secured weeks or months of project assignments then the logistics manager has to quickly find flights and affordable accommodation.