How to Focus Your Mind, Based on Who You Are

By Sheryl Puterman

Are you jumping from task to task? Multi-tasking and not getting a lot done?

First of all, you might need a change of focus. I am not telling you how you need to focus better in a way that works for me. Therefore I’m going to show you ways you can figure out how to improve the focus that works for you. How your mind and body work is unique. We’re all different. Therefore, our solutions have to be tailor-made specifically for us.

Be focused on your goals

Focus on completion

Focus on how it would feel to finally complete all of your projects. How does it feel to be looking at your to-do list where everything is checked off? Imagine you have hours of free time now. You have focused well enough to get everything you needed to be done that day? How does your mind and body feel just thinking about that?

For most people I meet, it feels like a distant fantasy. They can’t remember the last time they checked off everything on their list and felt deserving of a much-needed break. Consequently, in spite of having so many things to do, they can’t focus or concentrate on the task at hand. Before they know it, they have 20 tabs open in their browser. A video playing on their phone. Then they’re in the kitchen for the tenth time in one hour looking for another distraction snack.

It seems like the kitchen has that role in so many of our lives. If it’s not the kitchen, it’s something else. We universally turn to food to distract ourselves, certainly if the tasks are understimulating or very unappealing.

So, how can you gain even more focus and lighten up the workload and allow in more time for you? Instead of following someone else’s list of ten ways to focus like them, I invite you to think about how you can focus like YOU.

Know your direction

Do you feel good about yourself? 

For so many of my clients, if they are feeling down about themselves, it’s nearly impossible for them to focus on anything in the moment. Their mind keeps replaying negative thoughts and stories no matter how hard they try to ignore them.

This can be triggered by many things. You might have had an argument with someone who said something really hurtful. Maybe you’re worried about your reputation or how others think of you. Furthermore, you feel disrespected and you’re not receiving credit for your work.

Consequently, until you turn your thoughts around, negative thoughts will continue to get in the way of what really matters.

Your solution? Bring more self-love exercises into your life. Make time to be around friends who lift you up. Write affirmations to yourself every morning and repeat them aloud. Focus on the people who know how to genuinely offer you love and compliments. Finally, when you focus on that, you’ll naturally lift the very things that are distracting you from everything else.

feel good

Are you often worried about your future? 

Does the thought of trusting uncertainty and taking more risks make you squirm in your seat? Feeling overwhelmed by a fear of failure and a fear of the future can debilitate the focus of most people.

As a result, this constant worry can lead to inaction. You feel frozen in place. You’re so worried about making the wrong choice or taking too big of a risk. You hide and you avoid. You cope by distracting yourself with lots of little tasks. Instead,  focus on the one thing that will really move you forward.

Hence the solution? Notice what you do have. Pay more attention to the security and safety you already have. Allow in a feeling of relief and gratitude for what is here for you in the moment. Next, exercise your trust muscles. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be. Trust that you are safe and protected.

The more you take your mind off the fear of the future. The more your mind can relax, focus and be present for the task at hand.

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Do you often feel trapped and disconnected from the purpose of what you’re doing? 

Another common reason for my clients to resist focus. This comes up when they feel almost trapped in their situation. It feels as though everything they’re doing is something they were told that they “should” do. They crave a feeling of purpose and freedom and their to-do list certainly doesn’t feel liberating.

Sound like you? Then you’re someone who values your freedom to choose what you focus on. Having your choice and also having a say over what you do is important to you. Seems like at times we all face tasks that aren’t necessarily enjoyable or stimulating. They feel draining.

In this case, challenge your mind to focus on the bigger picture. When you choose to complete these tasks, in the end, you have more freedom. You have more space in your day. You feel more accomplished and relief. You get to move on and go do more things that matter to you.


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