Your happiness is a reflection in your mirror?

By Sheryl Puterman

Are you constantly looking into your mirror?

Life is not just about what others think about you. You can not define your happiness based on the reflection in your mirror. Do you realize that there is a way in life to create happiness for yourself? Are you ok?It is true, that you are a wonderful person. It is up to you how you live your life. It is your choice whether you can be miserable or create happiness for yourself. Being among friends and taking care of your body is what you need to do. Let me provide a little wisdom of life:

Is your self-worth held hostage by a fixation on a number you made up as your  “ideal” weight ?

How can we put ourselves through this and call it a healthy lifestyle? It is time for another approach to weight loss !!! Have I introduced myself to you? My name is Sheryl Puterman. I am a coach focused on helping people to have a healthier and happier life. If you like what i am going to tell you here, please feel free to click on this link to visit my informative website at

Nourishment Vitality Coaching

Nourishment Vitality Coaching is all about a more sustainable approach to health, fitness and wellness. I feel the need to say this because there seems to be a large percentage of the “health and fitness” industry that profits off of making us feel inadequate. Their ads make us feel confused. Our thoughts circle around one major part of ourselves that needs fixing. It isn’t.

There is a better way to approach weight loss and it most definitely isn’t with the kind of restrictive dieting that can lead to eating disorders or negatively affect your metabolism. It’s about keeping it simple and sticking to the basics, or learning the basics as the case may be. The easier it is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, the more sustainable it will be for the long run.

This can be a healthier lifestyle for you

It comes down to things like:

  • moving your body – daily movement is crucial;
  • eating food that makes you feel good and makes you feel strong… most of the time;
  • Enjoying to the fullest that glass of wine after work or that dark chocolate after dinner;
  • Sleep. Rest. Manage stress. Recover from exercise. Drink water. Speak nicely to yourself.


It doesn’t matter what eating style you follow

As far as weight loss is concerned, barring a medical need to cut something out of your diet completely, there is no need to be so restrictive with your diet. It really doesn’t matter what eating style you follow, if you’re trying to lose weight. The only thing that matters is committing to stay in a caloric deficit. That’s it. You can try Keto. You can try paleo. You can go vegan. You can try any diet out there! If you can’t stick to it, then you are never going to get lasting results that you are after. It’s not about severe calorie restriction. It’s not about disallowing entire food groups, and it’s definitely not about categorizing food in terms of “good” or “bad.”

What it is about is making small but mighty habit-based changes. You can start by simply focusing on eating more slowly and on becoming more aware/in tune with your appetite. This, before you even give a second thought to what is on your plate. Simply be aware of how quickly you eat it. Once you feel comfortable with that you can move on to your diet – focusing on adding instead of taking away. For example, adding more veggies, more lean proteins, more water, rather than worrying about what you need to do away with. Then, slowly but surely you can move forwards with your foundational nutrition habits to look at healthy serving sizes, food quality, nutrient density and more when it comes to making healthy choices.

Discovering what healthy is for you

It comes down to this: being “healthy” is really about discovering what healthy is for you. It means finding a sustainable and realistic healthy lifestyle that you can keep up for the long term and still love. And there’s really no one single right way to go about it – find the nutrition and exercise strategy that works best for you!

You’ll have to get a little introspective in order to find out what really is working for you. Take notes on what you eat, how you feel, how you’re progressing with your goals, etc. Look over those notes periodically and ask yourself thing like,

  • How do I feel when I eat this food?
  • How is my sleep, my energy, my skin when I eat or drink this?
  • Am I getting the results I want?
  • Does it fit into my lifestyle/schedule?
  • Do I actually enjoy eating this or doing that?


Your answers will be really telling when it comes to figuring out the nutritional strategy that works for you. You can start today by choosing 1-2 specific habits that you’d like to work on for the next few weeks. Don’t move on until you have really perfected them. Things like, attend an exercise class twice a week. Get veggies on 2 out of 3 plates every day. Write out a nighttime routine and stick to it at least 4-5 out of 7 nights a week. Go for a 3+ mile walk 3 times a week. Track your water intake and get x amount of ounces per day. Be as specific as possible: how many times? How many days a week? How many veggies? Track these habits along with your progress every single day. You will find yourself on the express train to not only weight loss, but overall health and happiness.


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