Why your morning routines are the mirror of your leadership skills

By Catherine Prohaska

As entrepreneurs we are on a permanent highway of getting things done, using momentum, catching up with partners, holding meetings, making calls. Our daily actions display the level of leadership skills we have embraced.  It’s all about speed of implementation, getting projects to fly on the path to success.

Some days might be slower than others, some have larger challenges than others. You take care of everything and everyone, follow your vision, keeping focused on business goals. While being absorbed by all these responsibilities, you often forget about yourself. Here is the difference between the leaders who bring their vision to life are true role models for generations and the ones that pop up for a short while, pretending to handle everything, only to disappear again, not leaving a true legacy.

I have been coaching entrepreneurs, managers, new business owners, apprentices and housewives around the topic of leadership skills. Leadership comes from within and no matter the job or responsibility leadership skills are playing a big part in everyone’s life. No matter the position or the job. One of the golden nuggets we introduce early in the process is the morning routine.



More control, wisdom and balance

This is one of the most effective tools to get more control, wisdom and balance into our daily lives. Introducing the DMR (Daily Morning Routine) strategy is a life-changer, once you have worked through the internal resistance that is usually generated by the new regime. Implementing a DMR that goes deeper and further than having coffee and brushing teeth leads to more confidence, clarity, and focus, to create more success and happiness into their life.


It’s all about starting your day in the best possible way – allowing yourself the luxury of you-time – so that you own your day and not the other way around. Using the morning hours, getting up with the sunrise when the world is just about to wake up is the best time for taking time to yourself. Your head is still free and open for good brain-food, your body ready to get rid of all the remaining toxins and your soul open to seed your day.

Your phone is still switched off and the air is clear and fresh. There is a formula followed by leaders all over the world, the three-pillar formula. The simple but profound wisdom of the three pillar allows leaders to practice their daily morning routine simply and effectively: Move – Reflect – Grow

“Without self-discipline, success is impossible.” – Lou Holtz

New level of accountability

We always perform in a way that is aligned with the way we see ourselves. Introducing a new routine requires a new level of accountability to ourselves. Committing to get out of comfort zone and just do it. Taking on the DMR is a choice.

A choice to practice self-accountability for your own well-being, and being a high achiever, or being a procrastinator, wondering why you do not get the results you want from your efforts. The Daily Morning Routine is a wonderful way to kick-start your day, ready to meet your commitments, feeling empowered. Starting the day in a positive state and with a clear focus.





The 3 parts of DMR include:


1 MOVE: “Stop waiting for things to happen – go out and make them happen”.

Sports or a good morning walk is getting your metabolism into action, makes your blood flow and is cleansing the cortisol that is sitting in your system from the night before. Get your heart pumping, feel your body waking up, breathe in the fresh air. Sport is beneficial at any time of the day but getting up in the morning and moving your body for at least 20 minutes is the best way to start your day, get a crystal-clear focus, grow energy and reduce any sort of stress.

2 REFLECT: “Calm performers are the highest achievers!”

Meditation is one of the best ways to strengthen your focus, find your inner power and peace. Recent researches proof that meditation not only reduces your stress levels: it also strengthens the relationship you have with yourself and who you truly are. It is favoring feeling strong, confident, content, puts troubling issues into perspective and supports starting your day with this inner calmness and power that stays with you all day long. Combine it with writing in your journal and setting intentions for the day. Starting prepared and calm into your day provides you with higher creativity, stronger performance and positivity – and you feel in control throughout the day.

3 GROW: “Never stop learning – never stop growing”

All great leaders are constantly learning, being inspired by others, reviewing their goals and amending their plans when that is needed to reach their goals. Combining wisdom and a clear vision with a rock-solid plan is the key for successful day, and successfully reaching your short and long term goals. Having a plan and knowing the way you navigate to your success are important factors to reach your goals. Keeping your eyes wide open for inspiration will spice up your projects, nurture your vision, and lead you to success.

Always remember: You are responsible for your life!

The way you live, perform, work, and interact are direct expressions of who you are. It’s your choice how you want to live every day. Accept it – you are the author of your life; it’s your story and it is in your hands to write the story with every action you take – and it’s your choice to be the leader. So why not give your day and your leadership skills the best start into the day because:

  • To lead is to inspire others by the way you live.
  • To lead is to remove any form of mediocrity from your life and become outstanding.
  • To lead is to turn your failures and heartbreaks into triumph and heroism

(inspired by Robin Sharma)

Be you – keep authentic – Keep going

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