Counos Platform

By Counos Team

The financial demands and requirements of people all over the world change and evolve as time goes by. As such, in the recent technological era, with the advent of Blockchain and more specifically its applications, i.e. digital currencies, smart contracts, etc., the financial needs of the world have also become more complex. The need for a one-stop, comprehensive platform offering a wide range of financial services is one that must have been answered. Counos Platform came to fore to answer this very call.

The ‘Humanization’ Of Business

By Stefanos Sifandos

Times are evolving and changing. The days of shareholder prioritization at the cost of other important values such as “ecological stability” has shifted dramatically over the years. The explosion of globalisation, advanced technologies, and expansion in sociocultural, socioeconomic and geopolitical borders has found us in a place where as a greater collective we are demanding for organisations to carry deeper levels of transparency in the business activities, be more inclusive in their actions and carry a longer-term vision for their business practices.