Driving Principles

Driving Principles

We know that we can empower our featured clients to become wildly successful in there are as we provide them the additional boost to their media credibility. In order to provide this unique global platform we have fantastic people contributing to the “Business Booster Today Magazine”.

We believe that a diverse team spread around the world can generate fantastic content and provide empowering insights. Our editors and regular authors are authorities in their own unique niche. Hereby they have an opportunity to contribute to society by sharing their expertise and visions. This is a way that gives them access to a diverse range of skills and connections.


Connections are the most important keys to success. Therefore our authors are often in contact with great entrepreneurs like Richard Branson (Virgin), Hasso Plattner (SAP), James Dyson (Dyson Vacuum Cleaners), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Elon Musk (Tesla Cars), Ralph Dommermuth (United Internet), Xavier Niel (Kima Ventures / Le Monde), Yuri Milner (DST Global II) and others.

Shared experience has great value for readers

This shared experience has a great value for our readers and clients. We therefore believe it is a good way of guiding a magazine by having driving principles:

We will work diligently on our obligation to build a better and stronger company in the future building on the core brand. Our future sustainability is ensured by our continued commitment to our stakeholders, developing our people and challenges those communities we serve. We will exceed in quality and service in all we do while we drive strong financial results.

We believe that by encouraging a collaborative and supportive environment will grow a community of like-minded individuals to form a powerful editorial team. This will attract awesome authors who regularly provide our magazine with high-quality insights into different areas of business and personal development. Thereby, we retain the best of the best for our business. Today our team continues to demonstrate whatever it takes to succeed and takes on the challenges we confront with a can-do team mindset. We value risk-taking, innovation and the pursuit of continuous improvement in all we do.

The best value added formula for our clients

We will focus on our collective ability to continually drive value to our clients in all we do. We view our clients as partners and believe that we can help them grow though our long-term understanding and knowledge of the markets we serve.

Our International Network

We are committed to best practices, best methods and solutions in all we do and are committed to working with our colleagues worldwide to gain insight. Our team comprises of former Auditors (CPAs) and forensic experts (CFEs).