Air Cargo Industry Overview – Air cargo markets have recovered

By Udo Bartsch

After several years of weak demand and a lagging recovery of the global economy, the air cargo traffic has fully recovered in 2017. It grew by more than 10%. This is more than twice the rate of the long-term average. This was due to three factors: Global economic expansion Increasing industrial production World trade growth…

The Piper M600 – Aero Friedrichshafen 2019 Report

By Christian Bartsch

The single-engine Piper M600 was exhibited at the German exhibition AERO Friedrichshafen.  The team of the Business Booster Today Magazine had the pleasure to get to explore the beautiful design and interior during this exhibition.

The M600 is more of what you want in luxury, performance and value. Aircraft operators call the Piper M600 the best value in its class. Piper designed the M600 for owners who want extra range and speed without the inflated cost. The wing is at the heart of the Piper M600 providing slick aerodynamics that help you go farther, faster without leaving anything or anyone behind.