A New Day For Branding

By Julius Geis

How do you want potential customers to perceive your products and services?

That in a nutshell is brand identity. Building a brand identity is crucial to a company’s cause and results. It may be a stiffer challenge at the outset for small businesses, which don’t have corporate communications departments as large companies do. But when you have a compelling story to tell – your company’s story, its reason for being – then that seed you plant can sprout into brand identity, and with that brand awareness and brand loyalty will bloom.

Why branding reduces the barriers to a deal

By Christian Bartsch

Branding validates your marketing. With branding your offers and products will reach your buyers at a greater pace than when you have nothing to offer other than an unknown opportunity. If you have nobody to validate the quality of the opportunity are offering your potential buyers then things become challenging. What is actually branding? When…