A New Day For Branding

By Julius Geis

How do you want potential customers to perceive your products and services?

That in a nutshell is brand identity. Building a brand identity is crucial to a company’s cause and results. It may be a stiffer challenge at the outset for small businesses, which don’t have corporate communications departments as large companies do. But when you have a compelling story to tell – your company’s story, its reason for being – then that seed you plant can sprout into brand identity, and with that brand awareness and brand loyalty will bloom.

The Rise of Online Learning During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Panos Siozos

Clearly, the economy took the biggest hit from COVID-19’s turmoil, which has turned the world upside down. This had a direct consequence on business and education. Schools, educational institutions, training organizations, and businesses from various industries had to shut down for some time and were forced to come up with a smarter way to operate.

A rising opportunity, however, has emerged from this crisis. COVID-19 has brought many pre-existing trends to the surface, enabling online learning to show its full potential.

How to Innovate Faster?

By Michael Knulst

Never in the history was the future so unpredictable. And in order to be, to become or stay relevant and successful as an entrepreneur, you have to be open minded, flexible, curious and courageous. Innovation is no longer a matter of choice, but it is a prerequisite; it’s a must

How the Pandemic Changed the Office and Its Hidden Costs

By Mark Lachance

Like me, many business owners and managers are grappling with the newfound reality of the pandemic work culture. While there are major benefits for businesses, like reduced travel and cost reduction, in my mind, the loss of the office may be ultimately damaging. In particular, we are going to have to re-imagine how we manage and retain our employees. Of course, these setbacks can be overcome. But first, let’s talk about the pandemic, how it changed the office, and what exactly its effects have been.

How Custom Software Investments Increase Enterprise Value

By Sam Schutte

We live in a changed world, where no product can stand alone as a physical item. Intangibly wrapped and layered into every product – be it chemicals, food, or iPhones – are the services provided to customers by a company, and the software, processes, and tools those producers use to help their customers achieve an end result.