Printed Business Magazine Editions

Since the launch of the Business Booster Today Magazine in March 2018 we have been providing a variety of interesting and empowering articles from authors all around the world.

Business Magazine Editions of 2021

The magazine year of 2021 is very much influenced by the impact of the pandemic on business, supply chain, travel and even employee retention. In the 3 scheduled editions of 2021 we are looking into startups, funding, venture capital, leadership, corporate and SMEs developing more than just a purpose.

This edition is very much about finding your direction after the pandemic has changed the way of genrating leads, sales and visiblity. The impact on the workforce and innovation processes is taken into perspective in this edition.

Business Magazine Editions of 2020

The magazine year of 2020 is very much adapted to the impact of the global pandemic as the Publishing Industry, Event OrganizersĀ  and eCommerce Shipping were disrupted.

With Dr. John Demartini on the cover of this edition, we are looking into perpectives on business, life and health that lead to avery different mindset.

On this grey edition you find the BMW X7 SUV.

Read the 6 page product introduction to find out why you need to test drive this fantastic car.

Business Magazine Editions of 2019

The magazine year of 2019 displays a mix of speakers, coaches and leading products. From luxury watches, to business aircradft to cars – you get a wide and niche perspective on business and leadership.

With Volvo XC40 on the cover of this edition, we are seeing how the automotive industry is transitioning towards full electric vehicles. This has a significant impact on traditional automotive parts suppliers and mining.

With Dr. Martin Emrich on the cover we have a speaker and business coach that provides special trainings to leaders of corporate companies in Europe.

This edition has Christian Bartsch and Dean Graham on the cover.

Christian is a business advisor and member of several supervisory boards of companies in Europe. He lives in Munich, Germany.

Dean is a sales trainer and business coach. He lives in Johannesburg & Durban, South Africa.

This edition has Steve Maraboli on the cover. He is the most quoted man alive and lives in NYC , USA.

This edition has the Piper M600 on the cover. This ia versatile business turbo prob business aircraft for entrepreneurs and business travel.

This edition has Eric Behanzin on the cover. He is a unique business coach and lives in Paris, France.

Reading his book helps understand, how radical his leadership approach is in contrast to outdated business concepts.

This edition has the Hublot watch “Big Bang” on the cover.

Read the introduction to the history and unique expertise that goes into this very sportive and niche watch goes.

This edition has Vikas Malkani and Sally Forrest on the cover.

Vikas is a wisdom and wealth coach. Sally is an expert in Reki and Feng Shui. Both live in Singapore.

Business Magazine Editions of 2018

The magazine year of 2018 had a range of very interesting cover stories and empowering articles by a very diverse set of authors.

This edition has the Tesla X on the cover. This versatile SUV impresses onlookers each time the back doors fold upwards. Elon Musk has been pushing the automotive industry to wake up.

This asia edition has the Gin NG and Gavin Sim on the cover.

They are business partners in their academy that helps people in Singapore start their own online business. Gavin was a former Singapore Navy officer. Gin worked in Fashion Retail industry.

This edition has Veronica and Richard Tan on the cover. They are the founders of Success Resources & based in Singapore. They have some of the most well known speakers (Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Dr. Demartini, etc.) on their events, that fill arenas with up to 35,000 people. Every week of the year an event takes place worldwide!

This edition has Hazel Herrington on the cover. She is a Realtor in Australia and actively contributes to the development of entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe.

This edition has Vikas Malkani on the cover. He is a wisdom and wealth coach and lives in Singapore.

This edition has Francie Baldwin on the cover. She is an authority inĀ  online marketing and lives in Florida, USA.

This edition has David Fabricius on the cover. He is a business coach and former South African Elite forces instructor and lives in Vegas, USA.

The Founding edition of 2018

The Business Booster Today Magazine was launched with JT Foxx on the cover. He is a business and real estate coach based in Chicago, USA.