Are mutual fonds a wealth creator?

By Christian Bartsch

The need for money to work Investors and consumers with a significant financial savings can make use of mutual fonds. In Germany containership investments are some of the most popular investments. The export powerhouse Germany has a constant need for shipping in both directions. German factories need smaller parts from Chinese factories while they eventually…

In Vino Veritas – why Piedmont in Italy is attracting investors

By Jan Erik Horgen

At the foot of the mountain The picturesque region of Piedmont in northwest Italy, bordering France in the west and Switzerland in the north, is one of the richest regions in Italy. The regions capital, Turin, has been home to no less than 37 motor companies, including the sports car brand Abarth and legendary designer…

Property Sourcing Profits – PART 1

By John Stokoe

It’s well known that investing on property provides solid returns and financial security for many people around the world. Potentially the most important factor in generating these returns is an education. A lack of education can be devastatingly costly in an investment and a lack of education is also the reason why many feel they…

To liquidity and beyond!

By Jan Erik Horgen

It was a few minutes before 8 a.m. on one of those grey September mornings in Philadelphia, and the very ordinary looking classroom at the prestigious Wharton School of Business was already filled to the brim with students. The classroom was buzzing with excitement as one of the hardest finance courses in the curriculum was…

Why you need to design your exit strategy

By Christian Bartsch

An entrepreneur usually starts his business with the desire to be independent. People who worked in the corporate environment tend to leave at a certain point in their career. They take with them the corporate style of business.

After a time they notice that this knowledge is not sufficient to scale their business to the next level. They become stuck and build up a frustration that can even lead to a negative mindset. That is where coaching helps entrepreneurs get unstuck and remove the negative energy that makes them eventually sick.