Business cycles and how to deal with

By Raluca Gomeaja

Like most things in life, in business or entrepreneurial journey things may come in waves. It may happen all in the same time a lot of clients, a lot of projects, a lot of results, and profits which some of what may be called good times or bad times: few to no clients, few to no projects, no profits.

5 tips to disrupt any business from inside out

By Raluca Gomeaja

A common characteristic of businesses that are growing and are successful is that they start becoming very confident, looking much more on how to increase their profits than on how they can become sustainable on a long run. When we do not longer pay attention to the market and the way we do business someone…

8 Wisdom Secrets to Win the Game of Life & Business

By Vikas Malkani

As a global entrepreneur on the path to success, your life and business will have highs and lows, encounter challenges and opportunities, experience profit and loss, and meet both supporters and detractors. It is wise to develop a strategy that empowers you to enjoy your wealth with happiness, to create success without stress and to…

Business Education provided by those who are in Business

By Christian Bartsch

Coaching is a proven way to develop an entrepreneurial mind. The busy traveler needs to continue mind feeding so to grow his abilities to remain above the tidal waves of the global economy. Understanding the concepts of taking a business to the next level allows entrepreneurs to move from being stuck in a transactional rat…

Loyalty is a commodity that can be lost

By Christian Bartsch

Every business will have experienced issues with clients and staff members. Some clients love products and are great brand advocates. They tell everybody how much they love your products and services. Even their activities are promoting the brand without them actively thinking about it. They are just wildly in love with the brand. Unfortunately, every…