Loyalty is a commodity that can be lost

By Christian Bartsch

Every business will have experienced issues with clients and staff members. Some clients love products and are great brand advocates. They tell everybody how much they love your products and services. Even their activities are promoting the brand without them actively thinking about it. They are just wildly in love with the brand.

Unfortunately, every love affair can end up in a violent fight. If a brand messes up then clients move from love to hatred. If they feel betrayed then they will often move on. They will leave the sour taste in their heart. Each time they remember the cause they will hate even more. A brand can apologize as often as possible. It can even blame its contractors for messing up but eventually, clients will recognize that the management is to be blamed.

Loyalty is a costly commodity. We expect it from our loved ones, from our friends, from our workmates, business partners and suppliers. We even demand it from our customers but only if we manage to turn them into clients we have a reasonable hope that they will become loyal brand advocates.

When you sell to potential buyers you need to be able to close. If you are not able to convince them that it is a good idea to invest their trust in you, how do you want to expect loyalty from them? If you keep showing your worst side, then they will not love you. If you pour negativity onto your listeners, how can you expect to close even if you think you are awesome? People do not like buying from people who boast how they treat other people disrespectful. Potential clients do not want to experience the same insults. This kind of entrepreneur drives clients away.

Change your mindset, become a positive thinker, devote more time to mind feeding and transformational activities. Accept the fact that you have weaknesses. Work to your utmost to turn them into strengths. This will not happen overnight.

Be aware that loyalty is something you have to earn. If you downgrade and disappoint staff repeatedly then how can you expect loyalty? First, you give them hope and then you disappoint them? What kind of leadership style is that? That does not build loyalty. That creates frustration, anxiety, and a drive to leave the organization.

Loyalty is gained by leading from the front: Communicating in an understandable way with a team. Being willing to do what it ever takes to make the team successful without endangering people’s health. An entrepreneur who accepts his mistakes and is willing to learn how to avoid them in future is an example that impresses the staff. No one is perfect and no person can avoid mistakes. Sometimes things happen without anybody’s fault.

Nevertheless, loyalty is broken when a leader betrays his own people. Then loyalty will fade away in the wind and with it success, will too.

Christian Bartsch
Serial Entrepreneur
Organizational coach and business advisor