Christian Bartsch

Christian Bartsch
(Publisher, Editor-in-Chief)

Christian Bartsch is a serial entrepreneur, digital wealth builder and father.

He has been interviewed on Radio (BR2), Television (Pro7, Galileo, N-tv) and for Magazines. He started his first online magazine in 2001 with the “MCSE Magazine” which he published in English for over 10 years. His “Afterwork Magazine” focused education, business and sports magazine.

Now with the Business Booster Today Magazine, he has brought together awesome combination of entrepreneurs, journalists and niche experts. Publishing a new kind of magazine requires quite some new approaches. Many of his new strategies he has learned from some of the worlds leading marketing, sales and business coaches.

Speaker and Knowledge Expert

Christian is an international speaker and digital forensics expert in niche areas. He is also a special advisor to police and military. Having the highest security clearance (SÜG §10, Ü3) is the necessary by-product of helping authorities to keep our world as safe as possible. With this comes a special responsibility.

He is the founder of a company that focuses on educating people on how to optimize their sales and customer lifecycle. Due to his special expertise, he guides businesses along the path to protecting trade secrets and integrating Blockchain technology into the corporate environment.

Podcast Host

The podcast show “The Growth Zone” has listeners in over 56 countries and can heard on Amazon Audible, Spotify, Gaana, Apple Podcast, google podcast, Soundcloud and other locations.

Sharing knowledge for a better future



He empowers clients to move from a transactional maze to transformational business automation. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner (ICP) he helps entrepreneurs to increase their efficiency. Recently he spoke in Canada at the IMN Toronto and at Wework about the benefits and strategies of automation. Heron he was titled by his Canadian audience as the “King of Automation”. Automation is supposed to reduce workload and stress but not to be used to cut jobs as the gained capacities should be used for business expansion.

He spoke on organizational optimization in IT Departments (in large corporations) at the annual congress of the helpdesk association (Bremen, Colonge, etc.) as he was recommneded auch year to give his special presentations. This also led him to be the first speaker at the Marcus Evens Top IT Strategy Management event in Berlin (2004). His projects were of strategic importance as organizations needed a workflow and strategic action plan to handle highly critical situations such as fires, bomb attacks and massive computer virus incidents.


In his recent interview of Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak it was great to get confirmation from an authority in the field of technology innovation that educating all sections of society will help the world benefit from the positive side of innovative forward thinking technologies.

It was Steve Wozniak who related his experience in building an understanding for technology in his community to today’s anxiety of people because they lack the understanding of customer lifecycle automation.


His recently published 2 books on crypto currencies are sold by Amazon on 4 continents and have been endorsed by key figures of the international IT industry. His new book on turning customers into repeatedly buying clients will be released in June 2018. He is now working on special training literature for educating police officers around the world. He has been featured several times on European TV Science Channels and interviewed on local & international radio.

Christian believes in the power of business partnerships as this drives innovation and prosperity for a team working together to succeed. Therefore he is passionate about providing clients an easy way to get into building a wealth portfolio with the right strategies.
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