Business Growth Fundamentals – How PEST can set you up for success

By Mona Tenjo

How to grow your business? This is a question that is on the mind of many entrepreneurs. Over the next four articles, we are going to make a little tour through four standard economic models that can help you define the strategy for your company. This is essential to build a solid foundation for business…

To liquidity and beyond!

By Jan Erik Horgen

It was a few minutes before 8 a.m. on one of those grey September mornings in Philadelphia, and the very ordinary looking classroom at the prestigious Wharton School of Business was already filled to the brim with students. The classroom was buzzing with excitement as one of the hardest finance courses in the curriculum was…

Loyalty is a commodity that can be lost

By Christian Bartsch

Every business will have experienced issues with clients and staff members. Some clients love products and are great brand advocates. They tell everybody how much they love your products and services. Even their activities are promoting the brand without them actively thinking about it. They are just wildly in love with the brand. Unfortunately, every…

Why you need to design your exit strategy

By Christian Bartsch

An entrepreneur usually starts his business with the desire to be independent. People who worked in the corporate environment tend to leave at a certain point in their career. They take with them the corporate style of business.

After a time they notice that this knowledge is not sufficient to scale their business to the next level. They become stuck and build up a frustration that can even lead to a negative mindset. That is where coaching helps entrepreneurs get unstuck and remove the negative energy that makes them eventually sick.

Why branding reduces the barriers to a deal

By Christian Bartsch

Branding validates your marketing. With branding your offers and products will reach your buyers at a greater pace than when you have nothing to offer other than an unknown opportunity. If you have nobody to validate the quality of the opportunity are offering your potential buyers then things become challenging. What is actually branding? When…