Make your projects in Finland and Sweden a success

By Christian Bartsch

Doing business abroad can be challenging when you need to find accommodation for your engineers and workers. If you are not familiar with the laws, customs and real estate market, you can lose a lot of money when booking accommodations. What do you need to do to make your projects in Finland and Sweden a success?


Companies in the engineering and construction field often look for attractive tenders in Finland and Sweden. When a business in Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and other East European country has secured weeks or months of project assignments then the logistics manager has to quickly find flights and affordable accommodation.


Condo is helping more and more companies to get proper accommodation for their employees. In 2019 over 100.000 nights were spent in Condo’s furnished apartments in Finland and Sweden. Customers are mainly coming from Eastern Europe Countries such as Poland, Slovak, Lithuania and Croatia. With Finland being a highly industralized economy, there is lots of business opportunity for foreign companies. Well known brands such as Nestle have facilities in operation.



Condo arranges all needed project accommodation and furnished apartments on customer projects in Finland and Sweden. Condo offers existing customers an extended range of apartments in other countries as well.


At the beginning of the project the client and Condo agree on an estimation of manning plan, furnished level and how many people can stay in one room. Condo takes care that employees enjoy their stay in the furnished apartments as everything is design. Based on their needs condo can even provide a kitchen with big pots and lots of dishes. All sleeping rooms are also equipment with black out curtains and next to each bed has own power socket.


Condo will take care of all new apartments as cleaning and laundry is part of the service. Therefore, employees are enjoying their stay. Condo clients can focus their energy on their core business and successful projects. Life becomes so much easier with furnished apartments in Finland and Sweden that are operated by Condo.


Foreign companies sending their employees to Finland and Sweden benefit greatly from Condo’s highly professional management and service. Even such services like a pickup from an airport can reduce the employees uncertainty when their arrive at their destination.


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More information for project accommodation
 has built a national reputation for quality and reliability that relocation experts, business professionals have come to trust. Whether you are a professional relocating or corporate traveler, we can provide you with short or long-term accommodations. Our fully furnished apartments can be tailored to accommodate your professional and personal needs through an array of customized packages, all for much less than a hotel room or extended stay suite.

Condo hostels

Condo has opened their first hostel in Varkaus and more are coming. Varkaus hostel located near pulp mill and Navitas.

Accommodation levels

Basic: Good beds await the guests. A chair next to each bed. Extension lead next to each bed. Each room has Blackout drapes. Carpets on the floor keep the room nice and warm.
Each accommodation has a fully equipped Kitchen with cutlery, crockery and utensils.
Even a Microwave and kettle is awaiting our client’s workers. Well maintained water heater and appliances are accompanied by a cleaning every two weeks. Bed clothes are changed every two weeks.

Basic ++: Everything from Basic. Customized solution. You can select premium side what you prefer.

Premium accommodations include everything from Basic. It is extended by a Sofa, TV, own night tables, own night light and an extra closet. No need to pay high routing costs as the accommodation includes Internet access and a washing machine.