Strengthen your immune-system in times of a pandemic

By Aldrin-David Verburgt

It is important to eat a nutrient-dense diet. Fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They are also a great source of nutrients like fiber which is important for a healthy gut, folate, vitamin A, C and potassium.
Be very moderate or try to avoid refined sugar and refined oils. It is also better to limit the consumption of processed food, junk food and artificial ingredients which contain too much salt, sugars and empty carbohydrates.

Your happiness is a reflection in your mirror?

By Sheryl Puterman

Life is not just about what others think about you. You can not define your happiness based on the reflection in your mirror. You must realize that there is a way in life to create happiness for yourself. You are ok. You are a wonderful person. It is up to you how you live your life. You can be miserable or you create happiness for yourself. Being among friends and taking care of your body is what you need to do. Let me provide a little wisdom of life

The 5 Step System to More Energy & More Profit

By Robb Evans

What impact would you say a lack of energy has in your life? Does it stop you from being more active?  Do you constantly feel tired?  Are you lacking that spring in your step to get moving in the morning?  Do you find that your concentration wanes or you feel unproductive during your day? How…