Strengthen your immune-system in times of a pandemic

By Aldrin-David Verburgt

We live in challenging times at a scale the world has not experienced before. Globalization has offered us the unique opportunity to discover the world in so many beautiful and fantastic ways. We travel for both business and leisure. We relocate easily to find our luck elsewhere on the planet. We boost our professional career to spice up our CV through experience by living and working in another country or even continent in different cultures. We are doing business successfully with clients on all of the Earth’s continents.


Thanks to the internet connecting with others, outside the city and country that you call home, has never been easier! We even consume products which are most likely made on the other side of the world, supporting foreign businesses and economies. This varies from the clothes that we wear, sofa’s we sit on, devices that we use to connect, food that we eat to the personal face and body-care that we use daily to take care of ourselves.

How to handle the current stressful situation


We do need to be aware of the fact that it is not just rainbows and butterflies. The downside of globalization is that in an epidemic or even pandemic bacteria and viruses like Covid-19 will spread easily in a globalized world. The spreading of the virus goes faster than we can fathom. We do not even have to travel for it. Globalization, science, development and logistics have made `Mother Earth ‘a smaller and more accessible place’ for everyone and everything.



Slowly we start to realize there is no escape. A virus does not discriminate. It does not matter whether you belong to a high-risk group like the elderly, smokers, morbidly obese or infirm. We all make an excellent host.
Should we live in fear because of this? The answer is NO!

Good news is that if you do have a strong immune system and get infected this does NOT have to be catastrophic! While scientists are working diligently on a vaccine, are there any action steps for us to practice? YES!


What can we do to protect not only ourselves but also each other?
How can we make sure we get out of this as good as we can?
Conscious actions like practicing social distancing, washing hands well regularly, sanitizing, and using a face-mask and coughing in your elbow is a good and necessary start. Having a strong immune-system BEFORE you get contaminated and possibly sick makes all the difference.
Strengthening, boosting your immune-system and prevention is key!

Healthy nutrition

It is important to eat a nutrient-dense diet. Fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They are also a great source of nutrients like fiber which is important for a healthy gut, folate, vitamin A, C and potassium.
Be very moderate or try to avoid refined sugar and refined oils. It is also better to limit the consumption of processed food, junk food and artificial ingredients which contain too much salt, sugars and empty carbohydrates.
Ideally a diet which is rich in healthy fats, fruit, vegetables, greens (that contain important polyphenols), fermented food, herbs and spices.

The following foods are extra beneficial to consume because they have high immune-boosting properties and are able to help in reducing inflammation: Lemons, limes, ginger, onions, garlic, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, olive oil, fatty (wild caught) fish, Apple cider vinegar and bone-broth. Tip: Drink water with citrus & ginger throughout the day.





Unfortunately, our current diet doesn’t contain enough of all the vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals that we need.
Important during a period of less natural resistance or to strengthen your body’s self-healing ability preventively.

Vitamin C 1000 MG, 3X a day: Ascorbate complex or Ester solution.
Vitamin C has many, many health benefits. It is a strong antioxidant that can boost immunity by helping white blood cells function more effectively, lower heart disease risk factors and high blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, strengthening your skin’s defense system and can boost your blood antioxidants levels.

Vitamin D3 in combination with Vitamin K.

Due to less hours spent outdoors and limited amount of vitamin D in food it is important to supplement Vitamin D. Especially for people with pigmented skin, and women living in northern Europe. The combination Vit. D/K is important because it works in synergy to enable efficient use of calcium phosphorus and minerals. This contributes to immune function and normal build of bone structure.

High value Omega 3 WITH polyphenols.

Omega 3 has many health benefits for not only our immune system but also to maintain a normal brain and heart function and lower oxidation of our cells. It reduces the amount of low-grade inflammation in our body due to a decrease in our nutrition of Omega 3 and increase of Omega 6. Getting both omegas’ back in balance will strengthen our immunity just as our physiology intended it to be. The unique combination with polyphenols creates a synergy for maximum absorption!

Zinc methionine 15 MG.

Just like `Vitamin C, Omega 3/6 our body needs it obtain it through nutrition. It doesn’t make it on its own. Zinc is an essential mineral. It supports our immune function, aids growth and development and DNA synthesis.

Prevent dehydration always, so drink enough water. Regular exercise (I realize that this can be challenging right now) and enough sleep are key elements in a healthy lifestyle for both mental and physical balance.

If you smoke this might be the ideal time to stop smoking since the lungs play more than a vital part to be strong.
Try to minimize stress and have compassion for each-other.
Practice these tips for your current safety and that of the people you deeply care for.