The Secret to Outperforming Your Competition…It’s Not What You Think – Part 1

By Robb Evans

When it comes to high performance in business do you often give thought as to how you can outperform your competition?  If you continually want to grow your market share and become a dominant force in your industry, then chances are you are looking at what your competition is doing to give you the edge.  But let me ask you this.  Have you ever taken note of what your competition is eating?  Yes, you read correctly.  What your competition is eating!  If there was a stadium of 10,000 people and I asked this question, it would be a very safe bet that 99.9% of the people would say NO.  People do not see the connection between eating and getting the edge over the competition and don’t see how healthy eating in your team translates to more profit.

To start making sense of this for you, let’s look at a high-performance sports team.  It could be any sport from basketball, ice-hockey, football, swimming, rowing, baseball, athletics to cheerleading.  In order to perform at their best, they need to examine all aspects of their training, fitness, skills, strategy, coaching, management, staffing and team work.  Pulling apart each component to see how they can perform at a higher level on a more consistent basis.  The team that performs at a higher level more consistently will outperform their competition.  What may surprise you is that, even at the highest levels of national sports around the world, many do not give proper attention to their nutrition.  Many survive on their youth, exuberance, adrenaline, energy drinks and fast food.  That’s right…and yes, it’s surprising.

However, the teams that are number one address ALL areas of high performance, and that includes ensuring that their athletes are fuelling themselves appropriately before and after competition and during their daily life.  The correct nutrient balance and timing of their food intake helps them recover faster, repair tissue damage more efficiently, build their immune system and become stronger, healthier and more energised.  A stronger, healthier and more energised athlete will naturally have more focus, get more done and contribute to a better outcome for the team.  Do you think these are some aspects you would love to have in your business team to help bring out their best and outperform your competition?

In considering your answer perhaps ask yourself how YOUR health impacts your performance at work.  In an extreme example, no health means your dead.  Any other level of health places you somewhere between dead and outstanding.  Where is your health right now and where would you place yourself on this spectrum?  If you are thinking, “sure I could always improve my health, but look at my business it’s booming!”  To that I say, that may be true, however…. imagine how much better you could be performing.  What business opportunities are you missing out on due to your less than optimised energy, focus and productivity?

Step onto the sports field for a moment.  Can you see in the final of the FIFA World Cup if you have one team that is tired, lacking energy and focus that they will be outperformed by the opposition?  The players may be physically out-run, the goal keeper may miss opportunities due to split second delays in reaction time, players inaccurately passing the ball and making poorer decisions in the absence of clear thinking.  Better nutrition can be the difference in these high-performance teams between success and failure.  Imagine what this level of performance can bring to your business team.

Here are 16 reasons why you will gain the edge over your competition by eating healthy and nutritious food and gain that high-performance edge:

  1. Ability to concentrate for longer
  2. Laser-like focus on team targets
  3. Making better decisions
  4. Faster implementation and less procrastination
  5. Taking risk and opportunities with a good sense of success
  6. Dramatically increase productivity
  7. Reduced levels of absenteeism and presentism
  8. Be the hardest working team in your market
  9. Be an inspirational leader, leading by example
  10. Creating an environment in which you and everyone on your team can thrive
  11. More energised team, especially if your business involves international travel and working across various time zones
  12. Abundant health
  13. More success
  14. Increased sales
  15. Increased levels of profitability
  16. Greater level of enjoyment at work

Most of the Board Rooms around the world will not have high-performance eating on their agendas when it comes to improving a company’s profitability.  Your competition is not putting focus in this area.  Your competition doesn’t see the incredible benefits high-performance eating will have on their team.  This provides you with an amazing opportunity to get the edge over your competition.  What is incredible about high-performance eating is that it doesn’t require a significant change in your life – small adjustments made consistently result in huge changes over 12 months.

In Part 2 we will focus specifically on those superfoods to be eating every day to optimize your health and how to integrate high-performance eating meal plans easily into your life without dieting.