Women are creating their own market in the crypto currency world

By Christian Bartsch

Men massively dominate the cryptocurrency world. They either love the mining hardware or are trying to create their own wealth through multi-level marketing. When you go to events you can see their eyes glowing. No, they are not aliens. They are looking for people who are not invested in cryptocurrencies. They hope to find people willing to invest 350 to 100k into a mining package or a trading service. When you surf the Internet, you can see their posts everywhere. Even Facebook messenger is a much-sought way to gain new minority investors. Commissions that can reach levels of up to 50% of the gained investment drive the MLM fans. In multi-level marketing, women are also active, but in the key positions of Blockchain technology and investment, men hold all strategic positions.

Is that really the case? Well, female investors are breaking into this male-dominated area. Investors like Arianna Simpson are changing the world of cryptocurrencies. Even the Blockchain initiative “RUBIX” is beginning to drive a new female trend. Yes, women in Blockchain have a valid option to participate and help shape a new phase in peoples lives.

One of the founders of RUBIX is Iliana Oris Valiente and has highlighted how the cryptocurrency world has been divided among proactive men. Hence, women are loosing out on the opportunities that can create quality jobs for women. Her Interview at CBC News is a motivating broadcast that not only motivates Canadian women but also women all around the world. As women get their first taste of cryptocurrencies via MLM networks they notice the often biker mentality in some networks. This does not really fit with proactive and progressive women. Hence, they look towards creating their own markets of scale in a niche that is not dominated by men.

Just look at the successful venture capital company called “Future Perfect Ventures”. Its founder Jalak Jobanputra is one of the power ladies driving women to create their own circle of influence. Thereby fostering the female development of new Blockchain technology.

Women are becoming aware that in a 95% male-dominated network they will not have the equality their natural desires. Hence, an environment that treats women disrespectful will eventually lose its best promoters as women can communicate exciting new opportunities faster than men that keep feeding their own ego.

As more girls are being actively motivated by their entrepreneurial fathers to take over their parents companies women are becoming more adventurous and willing to take responsibility for creating more positive future. They have a right to be feminine and at the same time successful entrepreneurs with their own circles of influence that bridges genders and nations.

The Blockchain needs more women.

Christian Bartsch
Father of a daughter and Author of 2 books on Crypto Currencies.