Travelling with quality increases the speed of delivery

By Christian Bartsch

When you travel abroad to negotiate an important deal or have to speak in front of a large group, you cannot arrive on scene as if you have been running a marathon. The quality of your long haul transport makes a considerable impact of the power of your ability to present and sell.

Flying from Germany to Canada to have a television interview where 38 million will be watching you, then the next day a powerful presentation front of a large group of entrepreneurs, followed by another presentation the next day, demands from you a power level that you will not get by flying with an economy class ticket.

My recent business trip to Canada was quite intensive, as I had to be ready to speak within 7 hours of arriving in Toronto. On the second day I was coaching business clients on how to automate their business. It did not take long for the next challenge as I was requested to also help resolves some important questions of my clients own clients.

Nevertheless, this intensive 8-day trip would not have worked, if I had flown from Munich via Montreal to Toronto with an Economy Ticket. By flying with Lufthansa and Air Canada on a Business Class ticket I was able to mind feed in a relaxed way. I arrived in Toronto at the Hilton hotel in a rested manner and was able to get some important work done before going to bed.

During the 8 days I was either meeting clients or being interviewed or speaking or working on other clients projects. When you have a client base world wide, there is no core time that matches all clients. If I am in Canada I work according to Eastern Time but have to be flexible to deal with urgent clients needs even at 3 AM. Your dedication to delivering high value to your clients builds the brand insistence, which your clients will be promoting.

Even when you have left your clients offices they will promote your services to others as they saw, felt and experienced your unique expertise that you provide. Listening top knowledge is useless, if your clients are not able to implement what you told them to do. You have to give them a road map according to which they can put your advice into their daily business and their upcoming projects.

If you want to read a massive speed of implementation then you cannot take a chance to be tired, exhausted, jet lagged or feeling discomfort because you travelled in an appalling state. If you suffer of jet lag you will not be able to regain the energy you need to get from sleeping as your body is messed up. Your clients and listeners expect from you the best. An economy trip will make you weak and vulnerable.

That is why even a rest in the business lounge is a competitive advantage for a global traveller who need to focus in the valuable time he or she have to get the deals done for which they originally travelled. Entrepreneurs often see the high price of a business class ticket but do not recognize that an exhausted body will result in under performing activity. Hence, a business class ticket will not cost you money but increase your chances to make money on your trip.