Achieve Everything You Want

By Mona Tenjo

Would you also like to achieve more in your life? Reach more goals? Get more results? Have more impact?

As entrepreneurs, we always look for ways to improve ourselves. With New Year approaching, many people ask themselves: How can I start the next year better than the previous one? Because, let’s face it, most New Year resolutions don’t get you anywhere.

Secrets to getting anything you want

In the past few years, many people asked me how I get so much done. In the beginning, I was surprised because I was not even aware that I am finishing so much more than others. However, looking at the facts, they were right. So, I analyzed what I do differently than many people around me – my “secrets to getting anything you want”:

  • Focus: Focus on maximum three projects at the same time. These are your most important areas that you want to move ahead.
  • Priority: Whenever you do something, pick a clear priority! What do you need to do that is more important than anything else is? Focus your energy to what is most important, otherwise, you get nothing done.
  • No Excuses – just do it: This one is essential. We all make bold commitments when we are in the mood to change something. However, when it is time to implement them, your brain is great at talking you out of it again. Thus, do not allow your brain to take control over you. When you said, you would do something, just do it!
  • Plan time for what is important to you: If you want to achieve a goal, you need to allocate time to it. This is not only true for business goals but for any goal. Health or relationships don’t maintain themselves. You need to allocate time to it. Things that don’t make it on your agenda are not important to you. They will never be done if they are not on your schedule! When they are on your schedule – just do it!
  • Track your progress: All planning and focus doesn’t help if you don’t track where you are heading to. Reaching a long-term target takes time and there are many possibilities to slip off track. Therefore, you always have to keep an eye on your progress, track your numbers, and measure your results. This way, you can intervene if something unplanned happens.
  • Don’t quit: I mean this: Don’t quit! EVER! Quitting is a bad habit that you have to avoid at all times! Yes, sometimes it will be tough and yes, you will not make a big step forward every day. However, stick with it! Competitors outperform most entrepreneurs only because they didn’t quit! Hang in there and continue making small steps forward. They add up over time!
  • Accountability: Always get somebody to hold you accountable. As said above, your brain is great at talking you out of decisions! If you have somebody external to hold you accountable on your targets, it keeps you on track. Pick somebody who will not accept your excuses! It doesn’t help you if somebody has pity with you and accepts all your apologies!
  • Distraction Defense System: You must create a system that helps you defending yourself from any distractions. Identify what distracts you the most during the day, and then start implementing mechanisms to prevent these interruptions. This will increase your productivity incredibly!

What else do you need to know?

Now that you have my personal secrets to getting everything you want, I have two final points that really elevate your results:

  • Set goals the right way: If your goals are unrealistic, not measurable, not specific enough, not attractive for you or missing a clear timeline, then you won’t be successful. Such type of goals will only frustrate you. Thus, set yourself goals that you want to achieve, that you can measure, that are very specific, that are realistic and of course that have a fixed timeline.
  • To reach your goals, create yourself an action plan. Take your big goal and break it down into smaller targets, so-called milestones. Little chunks that you need to achieve in order to achieve your big goal. Also, consider in which sequence you need to implement these steps. Then you simply execute your action plan. Don’t look at your huge, impressive overall goal every day! This might demotivate you! Track against your action plan of the current week! Since you dissected your big goal into milestones, you focus on and measure against these milestones.

When you take a look after a few months, you will be surprised at how far you’ve come already!