Mona Tenjo | Author

Mona Tenjo

Mona Tenjo (Author)

Mona Tenjo is the CEO of Work On Your Business. She helps business
owners and small companies to work strategically on their business and
free them up from operations.

Most entrepreneurs start their business because they want to be their own boss, decide themselves what to work on and with whom and create their perfect lifestyle. However, many entrepreneurs get stuck on the way to building a business. The business takes up all their time, finding the right team is not as easy as initially thought and all the legal requirements and systems required are just stressing you out.




During more than 15 years in international business, Mona has given guidance and solutions to freelancers, small ventures and multinational stock-listed corporations, helping them to move to the next level of professionalism. She implemented systems on a global scale, designed practicable solutions to complex problems and built and developed teams.


It is her passion to solve problems and identify the best possible solution. Mona guarantees the successful transition of knowledge into action and results through trainings, online courses, workshops and hands-on implementation support for your organization.


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