By Greg JC Granier

GREG TALKS: Ideas worst spreading


Welcome to the disruptive world of do what I say, but don’t do it this way. Today’s topic:


1 Don’t take any supplements

Vitamin C, B, D and other fancy letters. Who needs those? I ate broccoli 2 months ago, an orange last week and one energy drink today that s more than enough… Plus I will eat an apple from the supermarket, A delicious shiny apple that had more than 30 chemical transformations before getting in my stomach… so it must be full of Vitamins.

2 Be warm all the time

Winter is here! Time to G.M.O! (Genetically Modify your Outfit)  and If you want to survive, dress as warm as possible, set your thermostat on Caribbean mode (without hurricane) and get to sleep in an overheated bedroom with a fluffy pyjama  (socks included)… So besides the fact that you will be super sexy (another sarcastic smile), your body will not trigger any immune reaction to fight the cold and you can be sure you will get sick at the first occasion.  And don t get me started on Cryotherapy or the “Wim Hof method”… This is circus WhooWhoo not for me.

3 Don’t get an eating disorder!

Once upon a time, we were just eating to live… nowadays we live to eat…. If you are born after 1961 you will have 50% chance to get cancer in your life. And we can ( but non exhaustively )thank the food industry for that. I could talk about it for a week, but my words are limited so if you want to get sick: Don’t educate yourself on alimentation! When we know that the doctors have on average 1 week of nutrition in their 7 years medical courses, why should we get more?

4 Don’t sweat 

Sweat is gross… sweat is for unhealthy people who get exhausted and need to catch their breath while they take the stairs. Sweating eliminate toxins, tumours and rebalance the body. But I take the risk of repeating myself… gross! No hot yoga or intensive cardio for this dude! And the smell! Bad! (Actually to be very transparent (and not transpiring) it is not the sweat that smells bad, its time! Time does to sweat what it does to wine: Fermentation.

5 Everything you need is a Pill

Got a headache? Take a pill! Ate too much? Get another pill! They sell you pill to fight the stomach burns that you would not have if you didn’t eat that bad to enable you to eat even more and generate more stomach burns that you will fight with more pills! And it doesn’t stop there! You cannot sleep? Get a pill! You cannot get it up… Guess what? (no don t put a strap on… just take a pill! )

6 don’t take your ph

What is the PH? It’s the measure of the acidity (or alkalinity) of your body. It goes from 0 to 14 and the PH of a healthy human is exactly 7.32. If you want a simple comparison, it can also be explained as the level of oxygen in your bloodstream. Nowadays, the PH becomes more acidic because of all the bad things in our environment: food (and sugar if you want name dropping) Alcohol, Pollution, Stress, Lack of sport, electromagnetic waves (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth…)) The PH is the guardian of your autoxidation. And no sickness can survive in an oxygen environment

7 forget grand-ma remedies

Aloe Vera, Lemon juice with honey, Curcuma, Garlic, Ginger, Baking soda to name a few… there are some of the oldest natural remedies that have been proven to be thousands of time more efficient than the best chemotherapies… and you can find in your grocery store for a couple of bucks! Question: If everything is already in Nature like they say, then why did we invent pills and remedies to cure our diseases? Well, the answer lies in your pocket money. Getting people sick is a business, and like other business, it needs to have results… According to my best friend Google: Global pharma market will reach $1.12 trillion in 2022… that is a lot of lemon juice:)

8 Avoid physical contact 

Hugs, Kisses, Intimacy, sharing germs with a loved one strengthen the immune system… plus it rebalances the organism and the energy, and has so many more benefits… but it only works in real life, not on Tinder.

9 Don’t be happy

Like in the song but in reverse: Ho worry, Don’t be Happy:)