Greg JC Granier | Editor at Business Booster Today Magazine

Greg JC Granier
(Fun & speaking Editor)

Greg likes to talk… Like a lot! On stage… In front of a camera… On paper… In his shower…

He just never shuts up! But if we listen carefully and select a bit his words, we find out that not everything he says is just for laughs. Humour has been hiding the existential truths since the beginning of human interactions and it s not because he is joking all the time that he doesn’t get serious results.

Greg is proud to become an editor for business booster today and will propose a column that takes business topics on a fun level. Greg worked in 20 different industries and is considered as a swiss army knife of business, he is now a business strategist, speaker coach, movie producer and he ended up top speaker of Mega Business South Africa with a speech rated 9.9/10 about the art of storytelling.