Creating an Eco-Friendly Automotive Service Center 

By Sam Komeha

In automotive service centers, attracting new customers and retaining old ones is incredibly important. While there are many factors that go into how customers are found and kept, an automotive service center’s public image is one of the most important factors. One of the key factors to improve a service center’s image of quality and care is by taking an interest in the things that are important to customers.

In a time where pollution and environmental hazards are growing at alarming rates, many customers are choosing to spend their hard-earned money at businesses who show an active interest in preserving the environment.

From shops that have sworn off plastic bags to coffee shops that don’t use straws or reusable cups, businesses who take an interest in reducing their environmental impact are seeing positive returns in the form of profits and better public opinion.
Though it may seem like a difficult task, there is no reason that service centers can’t take steps toward becoming eco-friendlier, and, in the process, attract a larger, more environmentally conscious customer base.

But, with all the different byproducts of the service industry, how is it possible for a service center to become more environmentally friendly? The answer lies in a few different, relatively easy, steps. Service centers who are dedicated to reducing the amount of harm they do to the environment will be able to turn their service center into an environmentalist’s dream in less time, and with less effort, than they ever thought possible.

1. Dispose of Waste Materials Properly

Batteries, fluids, tires, metal drums, and many other products are disposed of every day in service centers. While there is no way around using these materials, service centers can dispose of these materials responsibly to work toward being eco-friendly. Finding a local recycling company and ensuring that materials aren’t disposed of in a hazardous way will help the service center protect the environment.

2. Team Up with Environmentalist Groups

Many dealerships team up with causes or charities throughout the year to raise awareness and help a great cause. Businesses looking to be eco-friendly should consider working with a cause or charity that helps the environment. Planting a tree for each car serviced, employees volunteering their time to clean up trash locally, or holding a recycling event will help the service center improve the environment and attract eco-conscious patrons. Every customer will feel better spending their money with an environmentally friendly company.

3. Limit Usage of Single-Use Products

Single-use products are one of the biggest contributors to the current trash problem. By creating a service center that uses as few single-use products as possible, daily operations will have a much smaller negative impact on the environment. For daily service operations, buying fluids in bulk rather than smaller containers, using reusable service tags rather than paper disposables, and using rags instead of paper shop towels, when possible, will go a long way to reducing waste. For employees, eliminating single-use coffee maker pods, disposable cups, and plastic water bottles will help to contribute to environmentally friendly practices.

4. Save the Environment and Attract New Customers

Since the environment is a cause that most people care about, becoming eco-friendly is a great business move. These simple changes will allow service centers to market themselves as eco-friendly, which will attract customers and increase the public’s opinion of the business. Once service centers take these easy steps to help save the environment, they’ll wonder why they didn’t start their environmentalist efforts sooner.