Mindset – Beauty: Physical beauty versus a beautiful personality

By Michelle Davis

What makes a person shine from the inside like a beautiful diamond?

I would say it is real self-confidence by authenticity!

People who are authentic and also show their vulnerable side instead of pretending to be always strong, above everything, know everything or even pretend to be more successful than they are, I would call REAL. They show their raw side too and that makes them beautiful from inside.

What would you prefer?

Doing business with a shiny glamorous person on the outside but shallow in the inside or with the maybe not so beautiful person on the outside but with an honest, deep rooted character who you can trust and has loyalty?

Often, we tend to be first attracted by the looks of someone before we get to know the person better. It is the amazing dress, the prefect makeup or even the perception of great branding with a celebrity. Don’t be blended by things like that or even pretend to be that yourself.

People don’t buy the product or service just like that – they buy YOU because they feel connected! If people connect with you because you can understand them, give them value which they align with and because they simply like you, you win!

It doesn’t matter if it is a private date or a business date: Because we tend to have a certain type we like from the outside, it is that we often judge too fast instead of looking for the real connection with a person. We forget to build a relationship first because we are blended by the „false “confidence that person shows.

We all want to be seen and understood but if we keep playing a role of the „shiny star “and pretend to be someone else, instead of being a raw diamond that has to be grinded to become the shiny diamond, we will lose along the way.

You are not as successful yet as you would like to be in business? So what! Don’t show off, because people can smell that. Be honest, say you are building your business, even talk about your challenges and the right people will like you for that and will try to help you to get up to become the beautiful person you are meant to be.

The right people help you to become the best version of yourself!

There is absolutely nothing you have to be ashamed of – not your looks – not where you are right now in business – and certainly not who you are!

Stop comparing yourself with others because real confidence and beauty arises from inside by being proud of your achievements and by being strong enough to talk about failures, insecurities, and things you don’t know yet.

If people judge you for that, either walk away from them because they are just afraid of their own shortcomings and want to drag you down to feel better themselves or give them a hand to become an authentic, self-confident person themselves. Show them your beauty!

Look at Nick Vujicic, a brilliant motivational speaker who has no arms and no legs: He has created an amazing life overcoming a lot of obstacles; he has a beautiful wife and lovely kids. I just say look at this beauty he has inside and what amazing gift he gives to the world!