Let Us Give You the Keys To Building Wealth, While Slashing Debt And Living The Lifestyle You Deserve

By Michael Bart Mathews

“It’s all about changing how you think about money, how you feel about money, and most importantly, how you act with your money! No matter what country you live in, no matter what currency you use, wealth is not earned; wealth is created! Building wealth is all about mindset. “

Let’s begin with the end in mind: Being a business owner means that you have identified a problem, a need or a want (locally or globally) and you are supplying the solution. Because of your solution, your clients/customers experience the desired results using your product or service.

As Zig Ziglar says: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

How do we help other people get what they want in life?

As a business owner/entrepreneur we must stop, look, and listen to our ever-changing global community. We must define areas that can enhance the quality of life of others, how we can serve others, how we can provide solutions to other people’s issues.

Building wealth, slashing debt while living the lifestyle you deserve takes a mix of personal and business balance to achieve all three.

  1. Create a product or service: Let’s begin with the end in mind. Identify your target market, price your product or service, create your marketing spending plan and know your numbers: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Let’s say you want to make your first $1,000,000 using US dollars in 12 months with your product or service priced at $97.00 US dollars. You will need to complete 10,310 sales to rake in your $1,000,000 US dollars (minus business expenses).
  2. Know your financial numbers: You must calculate your net worth (assets minus liabilities equals your net worth). If you have a negative net worth you must reduce spending, cut expenses, increase sales, downsize as much as possible and or generate a new and improved business plan that you discussed with a qualified business coach. Create and understand your P & L, profit and loss statement to understand your cash flow.
  3. Create multiple streams of income that are not dependent on you physically going to work exchanging hours for dollars. Income producing property that pays all the bills associated with each property while leaving you with positive cash flow every month is a good example. Let’s make no mistake, if you are an entrepreneur that’s still working a 9 to 5 job and you are using earned income to bankroll your entrepreneur business, do not quit your job until your business can financially self-sustain itself.
  4. Consider joint venture partnerships with business owners/entrepreneurs who offer a product or service that you have used and don’t mind recommending that product or service to your community.
  5. Now add more products and services at different price points-do the math and know your end result numbers. After all expenses, your million dollars will find its way into your bank account because you created a product, service attached to a system and plan of action.

Create a monthly subscription fee based online program and build a community of subscribers. You can price your online program equal to the amount you want to make and go after the corresponding numbers that will give you the financial results that you seek. Nothing is guaranteed, however, by finding your moment of clarity, your business will get the need boost.

Slashing debt:

If you have debt, create your debt elimination rollover payment plan. Eliminate all interest associated with your debt for a faster payoff date. Pay off the first bill, then roll over the same amount and add it to your next bill, repeating the process until all debt is paid. There is bad debt and good debt. Bad debt is when you are paying interest on payments that do not generate a cash flow return. Good debt is when you are receiving an income that will provide you with a stream of positive cash flow after paying all expenses.

7 Keys to Building Wealth, While Slashing Debt, and Living the Lifestyle That You Deserve


You must think like the wealthy in order to become wealthy. Changing how you think about money, feel about money, and most importantly, how you act with money is vital toward wealth building. You must be careful who you take financial advice from. You must keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind and use proven concepts, strategies and practices that can grow your wealth! Don’t be afraid to create a new product or service and introduce it to the global marketplace. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Ten Keys to Becoming a successful Entrepreneur

  • Be comfortable with taking risk-no risk, no reward
  • Be independent/trust your eternal guiding system
  • Develop creative ideas because everything begins with an idea
  • Prepare for high stress tolerance/Rome wasn’t built in a day
  • Be prepared that no one will support your idea in the beginning
  • Develop thick skin and a strong will to win/winners never quit & quitters never win
  • Conduct needed research and do your due diligence
  • Define your target market/fine your niche
  • Know your competition
  • Define your USP-Unique Selling Proposition/what sets you apart from your competition


Understand that you are your most valuable asset! Your financial assets minus your liabilities equals your net worth. You must know your numbers. Your personal credit score, your interest rates, your checking account balance, your credit card balances, the amount you spend, save, and invest, and most importantly, the rate of return on your investments.


If you have not done so, take time out and write your will and trust. If you die intestate (without a written will or trust) your estate will go to probate court and the legal system will decide what happens to your assets.


Tithing is good because you give ten percent of your income to your religious organization or save ten percent toward your retirement. Philanthropy is great because you can create enough wealth and actually be socially conscious and start your own non-profit or donate to an existing non-profit and help serve a much larger amount of people. Like the billionaires who signed the giving pledge that was started by Warren Buffet, and Bill & Melinda Gates. They pledged to give away at least one half of their billions to a cause dear to their hearts that would help make this world a better place.


What’s more important, your health or your wealth? Why not make them both equally important? No matter how much wealth you have, if you are too sick to enjoy your wealth, your healthy relatives, will be around to enjoy it for you. Men; go get a physical at least once a year and get your prostate (PSA) checked and a colonoscopy as regularly, as recommended by your physician. Ladies; go get a physical at least once a year and get your breast examined regularly. Both men and women need to also know your physical numbers, like; blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.


Why do you get out of bed every morning and do what you do day-in-and-day-out? Maybe you want to provide better healthcare, housing and education to the world’s most improvised communities? Maybe you want to join in on the fight against opioids (heroin) that’s becoming a global epidemic? Maybe you want to provide food to the hungry men, women, and children who go to bed on empty stomachs? Maybe you want to pay for your children’s college education as well as leave a financial legacy? Maybe you want to spend guilt free, live debt free and financially free?

Maybe you want to live in your new dream home and drive your dream car? Maybe you want to travel the world and stop off in Dubai and visit the top of the Burj Khalifa overlooking the 360-degree view? Maybe you want to visit the beautiful Country of South Africa and sit in the pit with the lions or on top of Cape Hope with an unobstructed countryside view. What about being in the South of France on the French Rivera walking in the white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or in Paris eating French cuisine accompanied with wine or bubbling champagne. Maybe to India to visit the white marble Taj Mahal. Or New York-New York, the Big Apple visiting the Statue of Liberty or enjoy a Broadway play in the world famous theater district. Or in Chicago in the Willis Tower, hovering over the city center on a thick see-through Plexiglas ledge for the ultimate view of the Windy-City.

Living the Lifestyle that you Deserve takes a set of principals or keys that if followed, the likelihood of your personal and business achievements will manifest in your life. My wife and I live by our 7 Live Wealthy Keys for success. Ours keys have allowed us to retire early, build generational wealth, leave a legacy for our children, travel the world and be of service to other’s by being part of an investment group that has currently donated over three million sandwiches back to several communities throughout the United States.

Warren Buffet stills lives in the same exact house that he was raised in, while other high income earners, millionaires and billionaires live a 5-star lavish lifestyle with every bell and whistle at their disposal. You do have a choice as long as your income can support your lifestyle!