It’s not about YOU -It’s about THEM

By Milos & Danijela Nakovski

Have you ever wondered what make a sales person Great? Have you ever considered when you buy or sell your house that not everyone could be the right realtor for you? Sometimes, you meet those realtors that simply are out to make a deal, but are not really interested in your concerns and in you as a person. Here is where you can be a game changer in your industry of real estate. But that does not only go for real estate industry.

What makes a great salesperson great at sales is that he or she is wholeheartedly interested in the other person!

Great realtor’s true worth is determined by how much more they give in value than they take in payment! – Danijela Nakovski


Selling is really serving greatly your client while giving your time, knowledge and attention to them. Focusing on your client and always striving to add value to other person’s life is what sales is all about.

Of course, just by being a human, we are all ultimately driven by self-interest-it’s an essential part of human nature. Therefore, we are not suggesting you put your own interest completely on the side, we are saying you should create a value for others for a self-contained reward and satisfaction of knowing you were able to serve. You give because it is who you are.

Here are 5 simple ways that can create that extra value and give the exceptional service to your clients:

  1. Excellence – Be excellent in all tasks you do – How do you greet people on the phone? How do you answer your emails? How do you dress? Do you pay attention to how you pronounce your client’s name? A great salesperson is not doing enough to get paid-they want to see how much more value they can create than what they are paid for! That translates into EXCELLENCE!
  2. Attention – Do you pay attention to details? Do you listen to your client’s needs? Paying attention to what your client wants and needs will definitely create the extra value!
  3. Consistency– Be the consistency in this world full of uncertainty. Make people aware that they can always count on you to deliver the same quality of service, no matter what! When you combine excellence and consistency you create truly exceptional value!
  4. Empathy – Do you put yourself in your client’s shows? Do you show them you understand their situation and you are there to hold their hand through the process of the real estate transaction?
  5. Appreciation – One of the most powerful ways you can create value for people is simply to appreciate them! Notice the small things they do that make a difference and point them out. Say Thank you and mean it- Treat people with respect and you will create great network around you!


Make the transaction an unforgettable experience for your client!