Michael Knulst | Editor

Innovating with Michael Knulst

Michael Knulst is a revenue growth strategist, CEO coach and investor.
He is known as a growth-oriented leader who is specialized in delivering lasting performance at the sharp end; where your business meets its customers.


As a leader you must clearly stand for something, propagate a vision, be open and honest and share your ideals and commitment. That’s why he loves his work as an editor at Business Booster Today Magazine.

Growth Expert

Over the past 30 years Michael has built 4 multi-million-dollar businesses. He has created more than 75 million dollars on new business for the customers he has worked with. Michael has worked with high performance organizations like Adidas, Dale Carnegie, Vinci, Oracle, bol.com, Siemens and GrandVision.

Today he runs businesses in Consulting, IT and Mental Healthcare.


As a keynote speaker Michael used to travel globally, inspiring and helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to innovate faster in order to create more value, more impact and more profits.

Michael has shared the stage with Billionaires, Millionaires and Business Tycoons such as JT Foxx – World’s Number 1 Wealth Coach, Patrice Motsepe – Africa’s first black billionaire, Property tycoon and Real estate billionaire Hugh Hilton, South African billionaire Jenna Clifford and Ndabe Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson who’s taking care of his grandfather’s legacy.

Ndabe Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson

Today Michael is a well sought guest for interviews, speaking events, podcasts and writing articles.

Extensive Knowledge

Michael has lived through business transformation, technology innovation, data intelligence and customer growth acceleration. And he is passionate about sharing his experience, knowledge, proven strategies and practical insights. Above all, it’s about converting ideas into profits and turning onetime customers in loyal buyers; In a fast and sustainable way.

The Digital Growth Group

Michael is the founder of The Digital Growth Group. With his proven models and strategies he transforms any business in 90 days!
His state-of-the-art Customer Growth Acceleration Program enables business owners, leaders, sales drivers and -teams to make smarter decisions, solve tougher problems and do their jobs better.

It empowers firms to transform into well-managed, agile and lean organizations that thrive, engage and contribute to their customers in a better, faster, easier and more cost-effective way, while maximizing the productivity and profitability of their business.

This program is a specifically calibrated method based on results of over 30+ years of experience in starting, growing, scaling and transforming businesses with ROI improvements of more than 100%

Within 90 days Michael creates the foundation for your business transformation. Consequently, your business will be Repositioned, Recalibrated and Rebuild.


Book cover Hidden Truths

Michael recently published his book “The Hidden Truths of Success; How Life defines Your Business

It serves as a guide to those starting, building and growing their business. How it affects your life. This book is about understanding that you actually don’t have business problems. You have life issues that manifest in your business. Therefore, your business reflects and magnifies your life problems.

Like no other Michael understands that in today’s new world it is more than ever all about results.
So, if your current results are not meeting your expectations; You do not have enough leads or your conversion sucks. You need to change the design!

Want to know more?

Go to www.thedigitalgrowthgroup.com