Erwin Wils

Erwin Wils (Author)


Erwin Wils (1971) is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, trainer, mindset coach and business strategist, specialised in the mindset. He has a Masters (MSc) degree in Electrical engineering and is one of the first and few in the world allowed to carry the title Certified Professional Hypnotist ™.

After 21 years operating in the corporate world in different roles and levels, he is now a full-time trainer, coach and strategist, empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to take their business and themselves to the next level.




His EMPOWERR ™ coaching system will make sure that you can achieve whatever your mind can conceive. His down to earth approach will make you instantly feel at ease and working with him will transform your life definitely. He loves to share his knowledge, because “what use is knowledge if you don’t share it?”.

He has several companies, including PowerMindcoach, Business Development Consulting and Millionaire Life Strategy.