Emma Corpade | Author

Emma Corpade (Author)

Emma is a multilingual and award-winning travel and tourism professional with a significant experience in the industry. She is proud to have been an ambassador for travel destinations and landmarks all over London and Britain for over 15 years, dealing with thousands of local and international visitors.

She is the founder of Welcome to London, a tourist product and information directory, which aims to become a reputable competitor to the big names in the field.


 She is also the creator of Authentik UK, an innovative product-based business that brings to market high quality and unique gift, souvenir and stationery products, joining the movement to raise awareness and influence the consumer interest towards ethical and responsibly sourced products with a low environmental impact.

Emma is making use of her own artistic and photographic skills to create a unique collection of products that showcase the British authenticity, tradition and high standard of quality and is also proud to support talented local artists and skilled British manufacturers who share the same passion.
She is a strong believer in giving back and she volunteers whenever possible, whether that is for the local community or for various non-profit organizations.

In her articles, she shares her passion for topics like mumpreneurship, women entrepreneurship, career transformation and living life on one’s terms, but is also a strong supporter of life skills and business education of children and the next generations.

Website: www.authentiklondon.com

Email: [email protected]