Dori Sella

Dori Sella (Israel)

Dori is an international business speaker & facilitator (60 countries, 5 continents), and has helped coach & educate thousands of students to focus and achieve the business goals they desire.


During her 30+ years working around the world in both High-Tech and Service Industries, Dori has developed unique ways to improve sales and marketing results by creating customized, powerful and practical tools that make an immediate impact.

Her recently published book “Business Meetings that Work / 6 Steps to Increase Productivity”, is a result of her experience facilitating and participating in thousands of meetings in over sixty countries with hundreds of different companies, both global conglomerates, and start-ups.

In addition to holding positions as VP Marketing and Sales Consultant, Dori has formal education in Marketing, Social Work, NLP Trainer, Coaching, SPIN, TAS, and TOC.

Her vision is to help people lead a balanced and successful business life.

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