Aldrin-David Verburgt

Aldrin-David Verburgt (VIP Stylist)

Aldrin- David Verburgt is a hair and makeup stylist, skincare consultant and overall confidence booster.

Aldrin-David is a well-known VIP stylist for entrepreneurs and business people around the world, including Hollywood celebrities like Charlie Sheen.


He believes that your personal appearance and your “Image4Success” is an essential part of being successful and taken seriously. He pays attention to not only your look but your overall appearance and brand. Aldrin-David is passionate in what he does and trains other professionals in the fields of hair, makeup and skincare.

He truly educates people on how to take good care of themselves and offers solutions on how to remain healthy looking to prevent premature aging. His mission is to maximize your image for success, so you not only look the part but act the part of success in order to win the deal.

Aldrin-David travels internationally to meet his clients and to create a “wow experience” for them and with them.