The New Covid-19 Reality – Facilitating Business Workshops on-line

By Dori Sella

Workshops are different from a regular webinar and even an on-line training in that by definition (work-shop) the participants are expected to work and participate. In fact, the content they bring to the session is significant to the success of the entire workshop.

After facilitating a few on-line workshops I have some insights and best practices that can be  useful to anyone conducting on-line meetings with a focus on facilitating on-line workshops.

Maintaining Composure in any Sales Situation

By Dori Sella

For many people, having to sell themselves is an awkward or at minimum an uncomfortable situation. It is even more apparent when the service you are selling is yourself. This also includes when you are on a job interview or asking for a raise. When you have a business, no matter what the business is…